v2 Brim Cutter by Randal Alan - Rounding Jack - Made in Brooklyn NY

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: Steel, Love, BioPlastic


Trade-in Available: If you decide you would like to trade in your v1 Brim Cutter for the New v2 Brim Cutter. Please contact me for shipping instructions for returning your v1 Brim Cutter.
Tool Name: Brim Cutter
Style: Hand Tool
Usage: Cutting or trimming of the brim on stiff felt hat bodies
Material Types: BioPlastic: Made from plant material
Manufacturing process: 3D Printing technology

1. Note that for softer felt a Sharpie Marker can be inserted into the cutter to mark a perfect line then trim with scissors.
2. v2 Cutter is completely adjustable in blade height

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